Oxford University's youngest organist is one of our own!

Louis has been gaining a lot of attention in the UK, and he's one of our own!

Louis Moss, the son of Helen (who works for LP out of the UK), is only 12 and already making headlines. Louis is the youngest person ever to play the organ for an Oxford University college, earning a scholarship to play at Jesus College, where he will perform hymns for chapel services this spring.

Image/Credit: Vagner Vidal/Ins News Agency LTD

Louis started playing the piano when he was six, and took up the organ just over one year ago. Since then, he proudly earned a scholarship from Jesus College. This scholarship is run in conjunction with the Dr. Martin Clarke Young Organ Scholars' Trust, which hopes to reverse the declining numbers of organists in the country. Louis is thought to be one in about 750 young people learning the organ in the UK. 

Jesus College principal, Sir Nigel Shadbolt, told BBC: "By starting a young music scholarship scheme here - the first of its kind in an Oxford or Cambridge college - we are creating more opportunities to connect local state schools with Jesus College through music. We are delighted to have Louis with us."

His mother, Helen, told The Telegraph: “Louis is not a prodigy but he just really likes the challenge of the organ. He likes the fact it’s a loud instrument. He has lots of ambitions for things he’d like to do when he grows up, and being a musician or composer is on the list. But he’d quite like to be a human rights lawyer as well." 

Helen with Louis

The entire team at LogicPrep couldn't be more proud of Louis for following his passions. What a great reward for practice, patience and hard work!