College Tour: University of Oxford

We're going international! Jesse joined Sean, a former LP student (and employee!) and current student at Yale, on college tours in England. Sean is a Masters candidate and is looking to study Criminology. First, they toured the University of Cambridge and then headed to the University of Oxford! Jesse and Sean thought there were so many unique opportunities at Oxford-- be sure to read about them below!

Why is this school awesome?

The University of Oxford is one of, if not, the oldest institutions of higher learning in the western world. With tutorial-style teaching, students here learn in an intimate, in-depth setting with some of the leading global thinkers in their fields.

Favorite spot on campus? 

Students can join the storied Oxford Union, which hosts debates between famous intellectuals (like Steven Hawking!!!). Members also have access to an incredible library, a pub, and additional study space. For a very affordable price, students can become lifetime members and catch a debate anytime they find themselves back in Oxford.

5 words to describe the campus?


The "typical student" is...

Due to the nature of the British university system, Oxford students tend to be hyper-focused in their respective fields, giving them an air of intensity and expertise.

International perspective?

Oxford has one of the most "international" feels of any university. Just walking down the street mid-day, you can hear up to 10 different languages. The University and pubs are filled with folks from all over Europe, and it truly feels like a bustling cultural center.

Special programs and offerings applicants should consider?

Since university lasts only three years in England, students should consider staying on for a Masters degree in their fourth year, an application process that is much less rigorous than if they were to change universities. What's better than a degree from Oxford? Two!

Tips for the application process?

The application process requires that you know what you want to study going into it, so make sure you research your department at your college and are able to speak to how you will use their resources to achieve your learning goals.

Fun Facts?

Oxford has more published writers per square mile than anywhere in the world. The formal name for someone from Oxford is an Oxonian.

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