Test Prep

Our instructors guide students through the entirety of the test preparation process. We begin by helping students to decide between the SAT or ACT, then teaching our proprietary curricula, and finally supporting our students through to exam time and beyond. Our focus is on building the necessary skills and endurance for these exams by pairing students with the brightest and most dynamic instructors. We teach students not only what to study, but how to study.

In addition to preparing students for the SAT and ACT, we offer support for the SAT Subject Tests, Advanced Placement exams, the SSAT, ISEE, TOEFL exam and more. 


In this initial meeting, one of our Test Prep Advisors will interview the student to better understand his or her academic goals, interests, and styles of learning.


Not sure whether the SAT or ACT is best for your student? Confused about when to take the tests? Our Test Prep Advisor walks families through the preparation process and answers any questions they might have. 


Our Test Prep Advisor will share valuable insight about the SAT and ACT formats, lay out potential testing timelines, and set the student up with a diagnostic testing schedule.









All LogicPrep students begin the test prep process by taking a diagnostic SAT and a diagnostic ACT. Before doing so, students are encouraged to meet with our instructors for 4 lessons: 2 geared toward the SAT and 2 toward the ACT. This allows students to review the general strategies and gain the baseline knowledge that will help them perform their best on the diagnostics. Also, students will have the opportunity to audition various instructors and build their confidence about the tests.


It’s diagnostic time! After their initial lessons, students will come in to take their diagnostics under proctored conditions. Diagnostic scores give us a picture of the student’s strengths and weaknesses and help our Test Prep Advisor determine which test the student should pursue.

Game Plan

After the student has taken both diagnostic tests, the family will meet again with our Test Prep Advisor to choose a test, select instructors, develop a timeline, and set target score ranges.


Now lessons officially begin! We provide instruction in our office on Sunday-Thursday, and will work around our students’ busy schedules to accommodate them when scheduling consistent weekly time slots.


Each week instructors will assign supplementary handouts, provide students with documents of their past mistakes, or ask them to create flashcards.

Practice Tests

Practice testing is an essential part of the LogicPrep method. We offer proctored practice exams in our office on Saturdays and Sundays. Practice testing under simulated testing conditions helps students build their endurance and feel more comfortable with the material and pace of the exam.








The night before the real test, our instructors call their students to give them final pointers and a pep talk.


It’s game time! When test day arrives, students are encouraged to channel the confidence they gained from their instruction at LogicPrep because they know they’re going in prepared.


When scores are released, our instructors and Test Prep Advisors reach out to the student and parents to debrief and discuss next steps. Our team will help determine whether it makes sense to retake the test (most students sit for the real exam 2-3 times) and strategize about which scores to report to colleges.