LogicPrep students’ college application success: Our students are 4.48x more likely to get into a top 20 school than the national average.

Our instructors will guide you through every step of the test prep process. From the ACT® to the GMAT®, LogicPrep provides support for an array of standardized tests and will help you build your skills and endurance to maximize your potential. But no matter what kind of student you are, this can be a demanding process, so we focus on pairing our students individually with instructors that fit their personality as well as their learning style. 

High School Admissions Tests


Grad School Admissions Tests



Our first meeting is a conversation: you’ll talk with one of our Academic Advisors so that you can ask questions about the process, and we can get a better feel for your goals, interests, and learning style. This information helps us choose which instructors you’ll work with throughout the diagnostic process, and up until test day.


If you're confused about whether to take the SAT or ACT, unsure how to create an effective timeline for the test prep process, or even getting mixed messages from friends and family about the best way forward, our Academic Advisors will answer your questions and help create a personalized plan of action. 


Once we’ve shared our insight about the SAT and ACT formats and laid out potential testing timelines, we’ll finalize a diagnostic testing schedule. 









All LogicPrep students start by taking a diagnostic SAT and ACT exam. Before doing so, we encourage you to meet with our instructors for 4 lessons: 2 to cover the math and verbal sides of each test. These lessons will give you insight into SAT/ACT content and strategies, so you can make the most of each diagnostic test and ultimately make a more informed decision on which to pursue (your scores mean less if you’ve approached the test the wrong way). This process also gives you the opportunity to try out lessons with 4 instructors, so you choose who you want to work with moving forward.


It’s diagnostic time! After your initial lessons, you’ll come into our office to take a diagnostic SAT and ACT under proctored conditions. These scores give us a picture of your strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly, they give you a sense of which test you prefer (it’s really your choice — in the eyes of college admissions staff, both tests are treated 100% equally). You’ll then work with your Academic Advisor to determine which test makes more sense to pursue.

Game Plan

After you’ve taken both diagnostic tests, you and your family will meet again with one of our Academic Advisors to choose a test, select instructors, and develop a timeline. We’ll also set target scores in this meeting, but don’t think of these as overly deterministic: we see students surpass these scores all the time. While your first test scores are useful in tracking your improvement, the most important factor by far is how much work you put in throughout the process.


Now lessons officially begin! We hold lessons most days of the week (learn more about what days we're open here), so if you’re already wondering how you’ll ever find time for test prep in your jam-packed schedule, we’ll find a way to best accommodate you. 


Yes, you’ll get homework from us. In addition to official homework tests and workbooks we’ve created, our instructors can generate documents of your past mistakes, organized by test section and topic. This way, as you learn new material, you’ll still stay on top of what you’ve already seen. 

Practice Tests

Practice ACT and SAT testing is an essential part of our process. We offer proctored tests in our office on Saturdays and Sundays. By practicing under real testing conditions, you’ll build the mental endurance the test demands while learning how to move most strategically through the exam. 








The night before the real test, you’ll get a call from your instructors. They’ll go over any final concerns you have and get you in the right mindset for the test.


It’s game time! When test day arrives, remember: after all the practice tests, lessons, and homework assignments you’ve had, nothing on the ACT or SAT can surprise you. You’re going into this test fully prepared.


When scores are released, our instructors and Academic Advisors reach out to you and your parents to debrief and discuss next steps. We’ll work with you to determine whether it makes sense to retake the test (most students will take the ACT or SAT 2-3 times) and strategize about which scores to report to colleges.