College Tours with Murilo: University of Miami

Back at it again with the college tours, Murilo! Recently, our favorite Brazilian was on vacation in Florida and visited University of Miami. Check out what he learned about the university!


University of Miami

Why is this school awesome?

Murilo: The University of Miami is located in Coral Gables, about 30-45 minutes from Miami Beach! The school is definitely a sports powerhouse with a strong academic focus. Plus, Marine Science students have the unique opportunity to live for a semester in the Galapagos Islands! How great is that?

Favorite spot on campus?

Murilo: Lake Osceola.

Lake Osceola

5 words to describe campus?


One of the many outdoor barbecue areas on campus

Tropical UM

The "typical student" is...

Murilo: Smart, passionate and into sports.

Murilo's tour guide, Alex Jimenez

International perspective?

Murilo: 15% of the campus is made up of international students, and over 120 countries are represented. Plus study abroad programs are offered in 40 countries! International students can apply for merit-based scholarships provided that they apply early.

Special programs/offerings applicants should consider? 

Murilo: Marine Science (and not just so you can go to the Galapagos Islands!), Business, Psychology & Biology.

Lowe Art Museum

Tips for the application process?

Murilo: Apply early! Merit-based scholarships are offered only for those students applying for ED (I or II) and Early Action. Also, University of Miami takes demonstrated interest into account when evaluating applications. And it's worth noting that international students are not required to submit standardized tests.

Fun facts?

Murilo: It was so hot during the visit that University of Miami staff gave away water in the beginning of the tour and asked visitors periodically to hydrate. They also have massage chairs around campus.

Just relaxing in a massage chair after our tour

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