Behind the Scenes: Being an Intern

Midway through the summer, Gretchen went around the office to ask our interns what they’ve learned during their time working here, and they had some very interesting responses! We've loved having Alex, Chad, Maddie and Jolie in our office and will greatly miss them when they go off to college!

LogicPrep's 2016 Summer Interns: Maddie, Alex, Jolie & Chad

What is the most valuable skill you have learned from working here this summer?

Alex: Definitely operating all of the software used to regulate the databases that create and store all of LogicPrep’s test questions; also, editing mistakes and doing research to improve current company work. Now that I am starting college, being able to pick up complicated systems and rely on myself to improve them will be a useful skill for tackling new and challenging classes.

Chad: Learning all of the coding and backend I.T. work that goes into creating all of LogicPrep’s question sets and maintaining the company’s client interface will be extremely valuable for me going forward into college and the job market where competency using any technology is a necessity.

Maddie: Being involved in the entire content creation process, from writing and coding to design and editing, has given me a greater appreciation for how and why questions are created for tests. Understanding this process will inform my approach to problem solving in any educational or creative pursuits.

Jolie: Well, it is no secret that LogicPrep is a well-oiled machine. Having previously only experienced the organization from the outside as a client, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to look behind the scenes as an intern, too. Through projects I have worked on as well as sheer observation, I have been able to glean valuable skills and insight necessary for contributing to a successful business like LogicPrep. This internship has afforded me the ability to better understand the importance of organization, efficiency, and creativity in the workplace. Although my future career path is currently undecided, I am certain that this new knowledge will prove valuable in any field I may choose to pursue.

What is the best part of your job at LogicPrep?

Alex: Working with everyone else at the office to complete our projects. All of the people here are extremely friendly and cooperative. It has been really easy to work as a team, which has made some very tedious projects less stressful than they could have been. Also, daily updates from Brian on his cat Gordito help to lighten the mood.

Chad: Easily the best part about working here is the environment in which we are all working. While this is largely a result of the people, there is definitely a culture of teamwork here. Everyone plays a part in the final product, whatever that product may be. I can honestly say that even from my first day here, with no experience remotely related to tutoring, I was another member of the team, not any more or less valued than anyone else in the office.

Maddie: The excitement and responsibility of knowing that my work will directly impact how and what LogicPrep students study make this a fun and challenging summer job. Working directly on content with Chad, Alex, and Jolie and learning from tutors provides a great collaborative and dynamic vibe.

Jolie: LogicPrep’s upbeat and welcoming environment is unlike that of any other setting I have worked in. While a culture of productivity, efficiency, and intelligence certainly pervades the office, it is also not uncommon to hear a rolling laugh escape one of the offices or to suddenly find one of Jesse and Lindsay’s dogs at your feet. The balanced dichotomy of seriousness and playfulness at LogicPrep is incredible.

What are you looking forward to most about starting college this fall?

Alex: I am really looking forward to finding my own interests, on my own time. Attending a large university, I will have a lot of different classes to choose from, clubs to explore, and places to visit. College will be a whole new start, and I am looking forward to the independence that comes with it, but also finding friends who share my interests to come on this adventure.

Chad: The two things I am most looking forward to are the new classes and the new people. New classes will not only allow me to expand my horizons, but they will allow me to engage in coursework that is genuinely interesting to me as opposed to merely being required. Moving to an entirely different part of the country, I will be able to meet people with entirely different backgrounds from myself and expand my worldview as a result.

Maddie: I’m particularly excited to start college during a presidential election and discover the opinions of my diverse peer group. I can’t wait for the interesting debates I’ll hear and hopefully partake in this fall on campus. Being immersed in an environment of innovative thinkers, students, and professors will inspire me to push myself academically and creatively. I’m looking forward to reconciling pursuing my artistic passions in depth and exploring the breadth of extracurricular options.

Jolie: Having lived in Armonk, NY my entire life, I am particularly excited about the upcoming opportunity for a fresh start. I am eager to explore both my personal and academic interests in such a vibrant setting. I believe that this change in environment will encourage me to expand my horizons and, hopefully, discover new passions. I feel prepared and excited for the transition ahead, helping me grow and cultivate self-awareness.

What is the most important lesson you learned during high school?

Alex: Do something because you WANT to do it, not because you think other people want you to do it, or because colleges want you to do it. At the end of the day, you are going to get into a good school and you will find time for activities with your friends, so what you choose to do should be for your personal enrichment. To sum it up, “Do what you like. Like what you do” (Life is Good slogan).

Chad: Don’t take yourself too seriously. No matter how important something seems in the moment, whether it be a class, SATs/ACTs, a big game, a college application, college acceptances/rejections, or anything else important in your life, remember that each of those moments are just steps along the way. In the heat of the college application process when I had nothing but doubt about my future, everyone told me that it was all going to work out fine, and not only fine, but the way it was supposed to. In the moment, I didn’t believe them. Being on the other side now, however, I can honestly say they were all right. You will end up on the path you’re supposed to be on. Don’t worry so much about every detail and try to enjoy the ride.

Maddie: Challenging yourself by taking tough classes and involving yourself in lots of extracurricular activities that you love can help you grow, but try not to overcommit. Your high school experience is shaped by more than just the level of math you take. Don’t underestimate the importance of spending time with your friends and family and taking time for yourself. Find balance in your life, take care of yourself, and sleep!

Jolie: There’s a certain power, and also grace, found in simply trying your very best. When you take pride in your work as an extension of yourself, you can find meaning in any task. Treat all responsibilities, both menial and daunting alike, with the equal effort and care because, after all, success is more of a cultivated habit than a fortunate result.