College Spotlight: Clemson

If you don't love the color ORANGE, perhaps this university just isn't for you. Clemson has a lot of school pride and its students are big supporters of their Clemson Tigers; these students bleed orange!

Sports aside, Clemson University also offers its students many exciting activities on and off campus. Located on Hartwell Lake in South Carolina, students can enjoy sailing, fishing and swimming. On-campus activities are just as exciting as the Underground Recreation Center has a bowling alley, arcade and billiards room. The university is also close to the downtown area of Clemson where students can enjoy great dining, shopping and nightlife options as well.

One great attribute of Clemson is that the university is a land-grant institution that conducts research for the betterment of the community. Students and faculty are involved in projects ranging from improving irrigation systems to lowering youth bullying rates in South Carolina schools. Talk about real-life application to what you learn in school!

If you're looking into attending this great university, it's important to show hard work in high school through standardized test scores, GPA, class rank, extracurricular activities, and your personal statement. Clemson accepted 52.8% of applicants in 2016.

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