Traveling vs. Studying Abroad

Most of us love traveling and getting to know other cultures, however, visiting somewhere is far different from living there. 

This topic frightens the majority of the students interested in studying abroad. I have lived and studied in three different countries with different people, languages, cultures and landscapes: Brazil, Italy and the US. 

There’s no need to say that I had incredible experiences in all three countries and that they were very different one from another; each one helped me mature and open my mind in a different way. 

In the past ten years, the world has become a small and very connected place, and consequently, companies have started internationalizing themselves. Studying abroad helped me in many ways to face the giant monster of globalization, especially in the world of work. For example, I learned how to adapt myself in culturally diverse environments, I developed a great capacity of problem solving in unfamiliar situations, I have improved my communication skills and, most importantly, I met incredible people that I will never forget. Now, I don’t see myself as Brazilian, Italian or American, but I see myself as a citizen of the world. 

It is true that the idea of moving to a foreign country is scary, but in the end it may be one of the most remarkable experiences of your life.