The Joys of Going to College Near a City

Whether it be Philly, Boston, or the one near and dear to my heart, Manhattan, every city has so much to offer. Going to college near a city reminds you that a learning experience is not contained within the walls of a classroom and that there are always better dining options than your cafeteria. Since I went to college in Riverdale, NY, NYC was only a few stops away on the 1 train. And yes, while the subway at times seemed more like a burden than a blessing, I never took for granted the twenty-minute ride that transported me from the stillness of Van Cortlandt Park to the liveliness of Columbus Circle.

Here are some of the many benefits of going to college near a city:

Murilo visits a student at NYU Stern

Murilo visits a student at NYU Stern

Internships and jobs

New York City gave me the opportunity to intern at places I would have never imagined. I was able to intern at The United Nations for six months and enjoy the view of the East River and the Pepsi-Cola sign. Internships at PEN America and Penguin Random House allowed me to explore the streets of Soho. If I had not been near the city, I would not have been able to work with these organizations based in the heart of Manhattan. The city opened doors I didn’t even know existed for a college student and allowed me to network, building professional and personal relationships with people for years to come.



A student shows Murilo where the best food is near NYU's campus

A student shows Murilo where the best food is near NYU's campus

Is there anything else I really need to say about this? When I was tired of eating chicken fingers and fries, I knew I was only a subway ride away from Korean fried chicken, halal food, or artichoke pizza. And none of these things broke the bank, either.



Sometimes all you need is to get away from campus. Whether it be a solo trip or an adventure with friends, the city always has new places for you to discover. Find your new favorite study niche, or get lost somewhere in East Village. It’s definitely a good way to get a breath of fresh air.


Cities have all of this and more. Even if it’s not Manhattan, just go out and make the most of any environment you find yourself in - you’re young, go explore!