Student Perspectives: Brandeis with Victor

Are you interested in learning about American's top colleges from the perspective of current college students? We'll be visiting our LogicPrep alum, who are now current college students to get the inside scoop about what makes these universities great and what's completely different than expected. Follow along to learn more!

Jesse and Murilo took a road trip to Brandeis and met with LogicPrep graduate, Victor, a current Freshman at the university. Victor is originally from São Paulo and knew he wanted to attend a US university. Through hard work, preparation, and one big college decision, Victor is now enjoying his new life on campus at Brandeis.

Victor and Murilo at Victor's favorite place on campus

What's the best part of being a student at Brandeis?

Victor: For me, being in a different and diverse environment is my favorite part. Being away from home and meeting so many different people has been exciting. The academics here are also great. I love my professors, and I really like my classes. I get a great education, and I have a lot of great resources from the school to help me develop everything I need academically.

What is your take on the international perspective?

Victor: 20% of my freshman class are international students. Not only is there an international orientation, but there's also a special composition class for international students to prepare us for the school's writing requirements. I've noticed professors go out of their way to help the international students. The school is really receptive to international students and has a strong support system.

Victor takes Murilo and Jesse on a walk through campus

What are some special programs and offerings specific to Brandeis?

Victor: There are many study abroad programs that I want to look into. There are also more than 200 clubs to join here at Brandeis-- I think I'm going to join the Radio Club.

What classes are you taking, and can you tell us about them?

Victor: Composition, Introduction to Microeconomics, Introduction to Philosophy, Sociology of Education. My hardest class is Sociology of Education. Because English isn't my first language, the amount reading is challenging. I feel as if I spend a lot more time reading and studying than other students just because I'm an international student. I like being challenged, though, and I'm learning how to allocate my time better.

Grabbing a bite to eat and talking about life at Brandies

Tell us about your current living situation:

Victor: I'm currently living in the oldest dorm building. I am in a double here, which I like. There is also a triple option. I share a bathroom with 6-8 other guys and there are 2 showers, but I've never had a problem. They chose my roommate for me, and mine is great.

How was the transition from high school in Brazil to college life in the US?

Victor: It's just completely different. I'm taking only four classes in college, and in Brazil I was taking 13 at a time. I've found that because of this, I can focus on specific areas a lot more. I had a lot less free time in high school than I do now, which is nice. However, I miss my family and my home sometimes. The assignments here are harder than they were in high school. The readings are way more complex, and I'm just reading a lot more.

Do you have any tips for the application process?

Victor: Brandeis is looking for diversity, so represent yourself that way.

Slosberg Music Center

Knowing what you know now, what piece of advice would you give about going through the application process?

Victor: I would have started studying for ACTs much earlier!

Any fun facts you want to share with us?

Victor: There's an otter in the pond!


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