Our Thoughts on the December ACT

As we approach the December ACT test date, we thought it might be helpful to share with you some insight culled from our experiences over the years. The December date has always been a divisive test, for several reasons. On one hand, many of our juniors get the opportunity to see what the real test experience looks like for the first time and take away some valuable insights, while a small number will achieve a truly outstanding result that will put the test to bed. On the other hand, most students are not ready to achieve their best scores, and that's where things get tricky. 

The next ACT is in the beginning of February, and the truth is that many students want to take a week off after the December test. This is a natural desire, but it can lead to trouble because with the holidays and winter vacations on the horizon, some students will not begin studying again until the New Year.

This extended, month-long hiatus leaves students just five weeks to dust off their books and calculators to prepare for the February ACT. This can lead to a disappointing result in February, which precipitates frustration for the student, instructors, and the parents alike – it happens for some of our students every year. 

So what can you do to avoid this misstep? 

  • Look at your calendar to plan accordingly to take off no more than two weeks after the December test (consider your holiday plans).

  • Continue to keep yourself in test-taking shape by reviewing your past mistakes, taking more practice tests, and meeting with your instructors. If you stay on top of your notes and continue to take practice tests, you will greatly improve your chances of finishing in February or April.

  • Stay positive and confident knowing that if you continue to work hard you will eventually be the best version of yourself and ace the ACT.

Good luck to our students taking this Saturday's test!