I Won't Give Up

Navigating the college process is very challenging for any student. However, an exceptional level of difficulty is added for those students who are the first ones paving the path for their families; they might not necessarily understand how the system works and have little to no support system. 

I found bits and pieces of myself within each student’s journey to college as a first-generation student in a recent article from the New York Times called "‘I Won’t Give Up’: How First-Generation Students See College." I can relate to overcommitting yourself and putting a lot on your plate. The feeling of added pressure from your family, figuring out all the finances and making all the decisions is a lot to shoulder as a teenager.

Like each and every one of the students in this article, I am able to attribute my success in college so far to the resilience that is built from these circumstances. I highly recommend reading the article because, although each story is unique to each individual, they all share a common theme of triumph, hard work, and aspirations. These are inspirational traits that all high school graduates share, regardless of where they come from.

-Lisdy C, Office Assistant