How to Overcome Senioritis

Seniors - first off, congratulations! All of your hard work to this point has paid off, and you have been accepted to college! Some of you have known where you are going for a few months, some have found out recently, but you all have one thing in common:

A condition that occurs once a student is accepted to college. Symptoms may then include the inability to do homework or the lack of motivation to study for tests.


We get it, we’ve all been there. It is nice to have the pressure of college decisions gone and no longer in front of you. However, it is important to keep your grades up! You don’t want your college to revoke their letter of admission because your grades dipped too much at the end of college - this, unfortunately, does happen. You should also make sure to do well on your AP exams as those scores can help you earn credits for college and ease your workload on campus. Also, waitlisted students should maintain high grades and mention them when following up with admissions officers. 

Overall, though, you made it. Now is the time to catch up on all of those things you meant to do previously but didn’t have the time for because you were writing essays. No, I don’t mean the new season of Westworld; I’m talking about thanking the people that wrote the letters of recommendation that helped get you into the college you are so excited about. And especially thank your parents who helped drive you all over the place visiting colleges, among other things, as this wouldn’t have been possible without them. 

This is also the time to try out new things - go audition for that play! - as you may find a new activity that you want to explore in college. Read some books that aren’t assigned (keep an eye out for our summer reading list coming soon!). And most importantly, have fun and relax - just not too much!