Do My Senior Year Grades Matter After I’ve Been Admitted?


You have applied yourself throughout high school, you’ve applied to college, and you’ve been admitted!

As the May 1 National Reply Deadline approaches and you breathe a sigh of relief upon submitting a tuition deposit, you deserve to celebrate and have some fun. You are going to college, and it might even be tempting to say to yourself, “my work here is done!”  

But be forewarned, admission offers are contingent upon successful completion of your current course work and generally contain fine print to this effect:


In simple logistic terms, this means that your high school counselor will be required to submit your final high school transcript, and an administrator in the Admissions or Registrar’s Office at your college will is doing some quality control to ensure you are upholding your end of the offer.  Generally speaking, slipping incrementally (e.g. from an A- to a B+ or B) in a class or two won’t raise an eyebrow, but you do want to avoid jeopardizing your offer admission by slipping noticeably in multiple subjects or by dropping down to less challenging classes. If you are concerned about a particular class or grade toward the end of senior year, we recommend reaching out to your college advisor to have a conversation.

Hopefully, with college on the horizon, you are more motivated than ever to take responsibility for your education…this is the implied expectation and condition of your acceptance!