College Spotlight: University of Oregon

Have you dreamed of going to a great college in the beautiful Pacific Northwest? Well, University of Oregon should be at the top of your list. The university is located in Eugene, Oregon, which bills itself on its strengths in the arts and outdoor activities. With just over 20,000 students, UO offers over 250 student groups, and in addition to its athletic teams, it also has a competitive intercollegiate Speech and Debate team!

UO also has many exciting traditions, including:

  • A cappella groups performing at the venue in front of the EMU on Friday afternoons.

  • It is a tradition for the announcer to call out "It never rains at Autzen stadium" sometime during each football game.

  • Each year, the university community hikes up Skinner Butte to paint the Big "O" overlooking Eugene.

And while you might have known that the University of Oregon's mascot is the Fighting Duck, did you know that the Fighting Duck is actually the popular Disney character Donald Duck? Thanks to a handshake agreement made between the Athletic Director in 1947, Leo Harris and Walt Disney! Since Walt Disney's passing, the mascot has been challenged more than a few times in its lifetime, yet still remains the face of UO sports.

And lastly, the University of Oregon is pretty famous on the big screen. Many films have used this university, including Animal House and Stand By Me.

Obviously the University of Oregon is a great place to spend your college years!