College Spotlight: Princeton

Did you know Princeton is ranked the #1 university this year?

Located in Princeton, New Jersey, this Ivy League school is the fourth-oldest college in the United States. To be ranked #1 this year was no surprise, as it has been ranked either first or second among national universities since 2001, holding the top spot 14 out of those 16 years. It's no wonder being admitted into Princeton is highly competitive (7.28% acceptance rate in 2014-2015)! For those lucky enough to attend, Princeton has quite a bit to offer, including: a stunning campus, many social clubs and organizations, competitive sports teams, community service programs and so much more!

And fun fact: LogicPrep has a few Princeton alumni! Alyssa, Gretchen, Jared, Jeff and Julia call Princeton their alma mater. 

For more information, check out Princeton here.