College Tours with Murilo: Vassar

This week, Murilo (from Team LP Brazil) is traveling all over the East Coast, touring and learning all about some of the best universities from New York to Boston. Follow him here for his insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! 


Have you been following Murilo's tours to NYUColumbia, Northeastern, BentleyPrinceton, Boston College, & Babson? Well, today Murilo is on his final stop.

Murilo visits Vassar


Why is this school awesome?

Murilo: Vassar is a highly selective liberal arts college where professors and students foster great relationships, calling each other by their first names! With it's close proximity to New York City, students can pursue internship opportunities in the city. Plus, campus is beautiful and offers a plethora of architectural styles.


Favorite spot on campus?

Murilo: Bridge for Laboratory Sciences


5 words to describe campus?



The "typical student" is...

Murilo: Students at Vassar are creative, smart, passionate, artistic and independently-minded.


International perspective?

Murilo: There are many countries represented at Vassar and 13% of the international student body spends at least one semester studying abroad. 45% of the rest of the student body also participates in the study aboard program.


Special programs/offerings applicants should consider?

Murilo: Pay special attention to the following majors: English, Economics, Psychology, Political Science and Biology.


Tips for the application process?

Murilo: Apply early because it definitely counts; acceptance rates increase by 15%! No Subject Tests are required to apply. Vassar recommends having 3 or 4 extracurricular activities and to pay special attention to the "Yourself" section of the Common App.


Fun facts?

Murilo: 62 countries and 49 states are represented at Vassar, but no students are from North Dakota!

And that concludes our week of college tours with Murilo! Be sure to check back soon for more college tours in the future!