College Tours with Murilo: Northeastern

This week, Murilo (from Team LP Brazil) is traveling all over the East Coast, touring and learning all about some of the best universities from New York to Boston. Follow him here for his insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! 


We followed Murilo around NYU & Columbia...

Now, he's taking on Northeastern!

Murilo in front of the Technology Transfer Center

Why is this school awesome?

Murilo: Northeastern is an urban campus in the heart of Boston. The campus offers a fascinating blend of art and science, and it feels like being in the middle of an art gallery with an outdoor art studio! Northeastern offers students a unique, real-world experience through the experimental and service learning programs. They also offer the PlusOne Program where students can complete an undergraduate and Master's degree one year earlier than traditional Master's programs.


Favorite spot on campus?

Murilo: The Ars et Scientia Mural (below)!

5 words to describe campus?



The "typical student" is...

Murilo: Students here are very creative and diverse.

Murilo's tour guide- a typical Northeastern student!

International perspective?

Murilo: International student presence is abundant! Northeastern offers students a flexible core curriculum, and there are also opportunities for international students to do co-op programs internationally.


Special programs/offerings applicants should consider?

Murilo: The co-op programs provide a real-world, hands-on experience for students. I'd also look at the College of Science, College of Engineering and (of course) College of Arts, Media and Design because they're great programs.


Tips for the application process?

Murilo: Like most colleges, Northeastern is very interested in the subjective part of students' applications (essays, extra curricular activities, portfolio, etc). They're also concerned with GPA and IB scores. Note that Northeastern does not require the ACT, SAT or Subject Tests for international students.


Fun facts?

Murilo: They have the biggest metal detector in the world in their campus; it’s a tribute to Bernard M. Gordon, who is considered the father of high-speed, analog-to-digital conversion. Students say that if you cross it with your eyes closed on a rainy Tuesday night at 2am you’ll be transported to another dimension! Also worth noting, the college tour took place mainly outdoors. It was super cold, and we had light rain so bring a jacket if you plan on visiting!

Murilo in front of a tribute to Bernard M. Gordon

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