College Tours with Kim: Cal Poly Pomona

Kim will be traveling all over Southern California touring and learning about some of the best universities California has to offer. Follow her here for her insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! 


Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona Office of Admissions

Why is this school awesome?

Kim: Beautiful campus aside, Cal Poly Pomona is one of two polytechnic universities in California, and the focus is learning-by-doing. All students are encouraged to solve real-world problems in and out of the classroom.

The location is also great! Pomona is located on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County and is in close proximity to the beach, great hiking spots and many of California's best amusement parks.

Favorite spot on campus?

Kim: I absolutely love the architecture of the Office of Admissions-- the design of the building is amazing!

I also wanted to spend more time in the Japanese gardens just south of Office of Admissions. Beautiful ponds, bridges, plants... it's the perfect spot to walk around and study!

The University Library was beautiful as well. All of the building on campus are so unique!

Office of Admissions

The Japanese gardens

University Library

5 words to describe campus?


The "typical student" is...

Kim: Very diverse! With over 20,000 undergrads, Cal Poly Pomona has many different types of students.

International perspective?

Kim: There is not a very large population of international students at Cal Poly Pomona-- about 5% of students are international. There are many options for study abroad programs!

Special programs/offerings applicants should consider?

Kim: The engineering program-- it's one of the best in the country! In fact, Cal Poly Pomona graduates roughly 1 of every 14 engineers in the state of California! There is a sign hanging on the engineering building that reads: "Make Imagination Real" which I thought was really cool.

There are also so many clubs and organizations advertised all over campus, especially right outside the Student Center.

The engineering building

Flyers outside the Student Center

Tips for the application process?

Kim: Cal Poly Pomona offers pre-admission advising to high school students. Admission counselors travel all over California as well as various other states to offer college guidance, develop a personal education plan and outline courses needed to apply to CPP. Check in your area to see if an admissions counselor will be visiting!

Jacarandas in bloom all around campus!

Fun Facts?

Kim: I loved the orange trees just outside of campus-- they smelled so good!

There are also a lot of old buildings on campus mixed in with the new, modern ones.

Students are really excited about Broncos baseball! After winning the West Region, CPP is on their way to the NCAA Division II World Series! There was some great chalk art on the sidewalks around campus about the Broncos.

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