College Tours: Syracuse University

College Advisor and Essay Coach, Sasha, just returned from a visit to Syracuse, where she learned some great insider information firsthand. Read all about her experience touring campus below. Go 'Cuse!

Why this school is awesome? 

Syracuse has a “small school feel with large school resources.” This is what the admissions officer repeated throughout the info session, and he did a very good job of backing the assertion up. Because of the size of the university, Syracuse is able to attract many amazing professors and speakers, while maintaining a clear sense of community among the undergrads. The university is also divided into thirteen schools and colleges within it that focus on different academic concentrations; the schools range from the School of Architecture to the College of Sport and Human Dynamics to the School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. So, regardless of your academic interest, there is a place for you within Syracuse.

Favorite spot on campus?

The Carrier Dome! The Carrier Dome is Syracuse’s basketball stadium and the fifth largest indoor arena in the country. This means that during basketball games, the stadium is packed with students and fans from the surrounding area. Students can buy season tickets at a very reduced price, which means that many people go to every single game. This contributes to the overwhelming sense of school spirit that exists at Syracuse. As we were walking around on a very gray and rainy day, almost everyone was wearing the bright and cheerful Syracuse orange.

5 words to describe the campus/location:


The "typical student" is...

While Syracuse is big enough that it might be hard to define the “typical student,” there are a few uniting factors everyone seems to have. The sense of school pride on campus is palpable, and that seems to be the uniting factor. Given how big the school is, there are students interested in every discipline from every state and tens of countries around the world. You should seriously consider Syracuse if you want to go to a big school that has a lot of spirit and you have an inkling of an idea of what you might want to do.

International perspective?

The size of Syracuse means that there are a lot of international students on campus. Approximately 20% of the student body is international. There is also a very strong study abroad program as well—ranked in the Top 10 in the U.S.—so students will have the opportunities the travel throughout their time at Syracuse.

Special programs/offerings applicants should consider?

Because Syracuse is divided up into thirteen schools and colleges, it helps to have some idea of of what you might want to pursue in college so you can apply to the right school and program. While it is possible to transfer schools within the university, it is easier to design an academic program at the beginning of your freshman year in the school you have applied to. Of course, Syracuse has a College of Arts and Sciences so there are still plenty of students who pursue general liberal arts requirements. It's worth noting, though, that Syracuse is particularly good for students who want to pursue communications!

Fun Facts? 

94% of students report being employed within six months after graduation!

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