College Tours: Johns Hopkins University

Why is this school awesome?

One of the premier research institutions in the U.S., Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is located less than 2 hours away from our nation’s capital, and is situated nicely across uptown and east Baltimore across four main campuses, with other satellites in several locations nearby. Other large cities such as Philadelphia or NYC are also just a short ride away. Despite being in an urban area, Hopkins students often say they never feel like they are in a city while on campus because of how green it is. In terms of academics, Hopkins’ best programs are in the biological and medical fields. It’s biomedical engineering program is ranked the best in the country, as well as its medical school and nursing schools. Despite its reputation as a very academically-oriented university, JHU is certainly not lacking in terms of athletics. Its lacrosse programs has consistently been one of the nation’s best for many years, and its football program has recently emerged as a top-15 contender in Division III. The school is not particularly large, with around 6,000 - 6,500 undergraduates; however, this small population fits perfectly throughout the 140 acre campus, creating a sociable atmosphere that many students enjoy. Finally, there is no shortage of job opportunities or interesting locations to explore in the many nearby cities at your disposal as a JSU student, so you will always have something fun to keep yourself busy.


5 words to describe campus?

Georgian (the architecture is stunning), Compact, Colorful, Elysian (the open, grassy field in the quads are amazing), and simply, like an OASIS (a quiet, peaceful getaway from the surrounding, bustling streets of Baltimore)

The "typical student" is...

Dedicated, high-achieving, open-minded, fun-loving, and eager to make a difference.

International perspective?

Students have the opportunity to over a dozen locations in different countries around the world during their junior year for various programs sponsored by JHU. Additionally, different divisions of the university have campuses in 10 locations on three continents. In 2015, the University had 1,315 research or educational activities in more than 150 countries, and $353 Million was spent on such activities. Additionally, there are currently nearly 19,000 alumni living in 181 countries outside of the U.S., and 20% of the student body is comprised of international students.

Tips for the application process?

Johns Hopkins’ essay is very easy to complete, with a mere 500-word limit. However, don’t let the length of the essay be a hindrance to your ability to include information about yourself. Pick one aspect of yourself that makes you a strong candidate for admission and make sure to thoroughly connect it to the opportunities available at JHU. You want the admissions officers to feel like they learned something about you, but trying to include everything about yourself is a recipe for failure.


Fun facts?

Johns Hopkins University is spearheading a mission known as Solar Probe Plus, and is in the midst of constructed a spacecraft to be launched in two years that will enter the Sun’s atmosphere.

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