College Tour: Stanford

When Murilo was in sunny California, he made a pit stop to visit Stanford and loved walking around campus. To him, it was very clear to see why Stanford is one of the best universities in America-- and the world. Read all about his impressions of the school below!

Iconic Hoover Institution Observation Platform

Why is this school awesome?

With an acceptance rate is 4.8%, Stanford is the most selective university of all! With unparalleled academic resources, green lawns perfect for playing frisbee, an extremely bike-friendly campus, and extensive network of Silicon Valley contacts, it's not hard to understand why this university is the most selective-- it has so much to offer. Being the best in your field is not an extraordinary thing at Stanford; it's part of the culture and almost expected.

Favorite spot on campus?

Memorial church, hands down.

5 words to describe campus?

IMMENSE, GORGEOUS, ARCHITECTURALLY UNIQUE, GREEN, & FARM (derived from when horses roamed in what previously was the farm of university founders, Leland and Jane Stanford).

The "typical student" is:

Passionate, very smart, diverse, proud... hard to define. Students here are truly unique.

Students in front of Lane History Corner

International perspective?

International student body accounts for 11% of the overall undergrad student body! Stanford is a Top Global University (# 3) according to U.S. News and World Reports 2017.

Tips for the application process?

Excellent grades and top SAT/ACT scores are merely qualifiers when applying to Stanford. What will get you into Stanford is whatever sets you apart. You probably don't need to create an app or win an Olympic gold medal (although it won't hurt!); you really need to be unique and communicate that you're capable of succeeding in Stanford's community. Being able to tell a story in your application and show what you're passionate about is really important. Be sure that your story makes you stand out!

Special programs to consider?

Hard to say. There are so many fascinating options! Because of Stanford's relation to Silicon Valley, everything related to STEM and Entrepreneurship is top notch. On a graduate level, medicine, law, and business are all outstanding programs.

Fun Facts?

Stanford is the world's second largest university by continuous land area after Moscow University. It's campus size is 8,180 acres!

Jordan Hall

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