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LogicPrep Recognized as One of the "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America"

LogicPrep earns a spot on Entrepreneur 360's list of "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America" for the second year in a row! 

Thanks for making LogicPrep the wonderful community that it is.

LogicPrep in Real Simple: 5 Tips to Help Your Child With Test Anxiety

Everyone has test-day jitters. Whether your child is struggling with a 10-question math quiz or a full 3-hour ACT test, there are a number of things a parent can do to help their child go into a test feeling confident and prepared.

Former Vassar admissions officer and current LogicPrep college consultant Eli spoke with Real Simple reporter Laura Asmundsson about some ways parents can help their children with test anxiety. 

LogicPrep in CNBC: Colleges Aren't Looking for Well-Rounded Students

One common misconception in the college application process is that colleges are only interested in well-rounded students who are perfect in every way. So, what are colleges actually looking for? Students who are passionate and have specific strengths.

College consultant and former Stanford admissions officer Grace spoke with CNBC reporter Abigail Hess about why colleges aren't looking for well-rounded students.

"Not every student who is admitted to Stanford or Harvard or Northwestern or any of these schools needs to be good at everything," she argues. "In fact, it's sometimes even more fun when you meet a student who is very angular. A student who, you know, leans very much in one direction."

LogicPrep in CNBC: 3 Common College Essay Mistakes to Avoid

With college application deadlines just over one week away, high school Seniors are looking forward to completing their essays this holiday season. 

Our College Consultant Grace spoke with CBNC reporter Abigail Hess about 3 common college essay mistakes and how to avoid them.

"We always said when I was an admissions officer, we want it to be so personal to the student that you couldn't put anyone else's name on that essay and have it still be true about that other student," Grace says. "Make sure that whatever story you decide to tell really highlights the adjectives you want the admissions officer to know about you."

What are the other common mistakes? Read the full article here.

LogicPrep in CNBC: The Key to a Perfect College Essay

With the college application deadlines looming, many students are putting finishing touches on their college essays. How important are these essays? VERY important. 

Grace spoke with CNBC reporter Abigail Hess about the key to a perfect college essay. 

"Its funny, because I think my application essay is something I would advise students not to write about now," she tells CNBC Make It. "Often times we see essays about service trips that people do abroad and mine actually was about a trip that I took to Costa Rica with my church."

How can you be sure your essay is perfect? Be sure to read the full interview here.

LogicPrep in Real Simple: 6 Questions to Ask When Your Child Brings Home a Disappointing Report Card

There are few things more disappointing than thinking your child is doing well in school and then realizing they're really not. But don't panic! Our Director of Academic Advisor Eli recently spoke with Laura Asmundsson of Real Simple about getting your child's grades back on track. 

“It’s not the worst thing if your child doesn’t do well on a report card,” Eli says. “It’s a great opportunity to figure out where this is coming from and set them up with good habits going forward.”

What questions can you ask yourself or your child if you find yourself in this predicament? Be sure to read the full article by clicking the button below.

LogicPrep in Forbes Magazine: Making an Impact

You may remember that LogicPrep recently won the Audience Choice Award from the Forbes Main Street Awards, a contest designed to champion impact of small businesses that are leading the way forward by taking big steps for both their businesses and their communities.

We just received the latest issue of Forbes and were so excited to see LogicPrep inside!

Read the article here and be sure to pick up a copy of the December 12 issue of Forbes Magazine to check out the feature for yourself!

And thanks again for helping us win the Audience Choice Award!

LogicPrep in Inc: To build or not to build your own software?

Thinking About Building Your Own Software? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First

To build or not to build your own software? It's a question that many business owners face. Our Founder and CEO, Jesse, was just featured by Inc. talking about why LogicPrep eventually decided to use a bespoke solution. When we set out to design our own software, our goal was to create an agile product that reflects our teaching methodologies and processes and allows us to provide a consistent experience for our students and instructors alike.

However, after going through our own journey, is this the right choice for all companies? Maybe not. Jesse encourages business owners to ask themselves these three questions first:

  1. What business are you really in?
  2. Is there an off-the-shelf, third-party solution that would work?
  3. Does your software support scalability?

Be sure to read why these questions are important to consider by clicking the button below!

LogicPrep in Teen Vogue: Early Decision College Applications

Last year, many of the nation’s top colleges drew more than 40 percent of the incoming freshmen through Early Decision.

As if finding the perfect college for you wasn't daunting enough, there's also the choice between Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision. We hope you've read this article by Lindsay and this article by Grace talking about the importance and value of applying early to help you navigate the college application process as best as you can.

Well, we have one more article for you to read.

Lindsay was just featured by Teen Vogue giving her expert insight into the world of Early Decision college applications and acceptance. In the article, she answers all of your questions: What is it? How does it work? What are the pros and cons? Is it the right choice? Be sure to read the full article by clicking the button below.

As Seen in Forbes: Why and How Proper Preparation Makes a Difference

Proper preparation isn’t just something we teach our students; it’s at the core of how we run our business. Lindsay was recently featured in Forbes discussing how planning ahead can make a world of difference.

"Whether you are a freshly funded startup or an entrepreneur bootstrapping, every dollar counts. Yet what many busy entrepreneurs may not immediately realize is that making the most of your capital requires being prepared. Perhaps it’s because our organization specializes in education, but I think about this often: Not doing your homework can be inefficient and costly. Far too often, business owners hire a great service and fail to make the most out of their investment because they aren’t able to commit adequate time to prepare."