10 Ways to Have the Most Productive Summer Ever

So you want this summer to be the best one yet? Our interns compiled a list of 10 ways to make this summer your most productive one ever.

1. Learn a computer language like HTML, Java or Python.

There are dozens of sites that teach you how to code! Our personal favorite: Code Academy. Just sign up on their website and start coding for free!


2. Learn how to cook (or attempt to).

While cooking might not be the easiest skill to tackle, it sure can be deliciously rewarding. Bonus: if you master the art, your future college roommates will absolutely love you.


3. Change the settings on your Facebook to learn a new language.

It might make things a bit tricky, but you'll be forced to learn another language in no time if you want to interact with your friends.


4. Explore Wikipedia Simple Knowledge to build your general knowledge.

Because you can always learn more. Plus, you'll really impress your friends by knowing useless facts. For instance, did you know Canada has six time zones?


5. Watch documentaries or TED talks on Netflix.

Honestly, what are you waiting for? Two words: binge watch.


6. Go to a museum or educational show.

Grab your best friend and head into the city for the latest install. We hear the Museum of Ice Cream is incredible. And that's totally educational.


7. Find a book that you'll actually sit down and read.

Whether you're spending the summer at home or traveling abroad, you have time to do some fun reading. And if you pick up a book that you're not particularly fond of, there's no shame in throwing it to the curb! Find something you want to read. The goal is to figure out what you like, right?


8. Attempt something artistic.

Music, art, acting, etc! Learn a new skill that you don't generally have time for when school's in session. You might surprise yourself and learn a new passion.


9. Listen to podcasts.

There are thousands of great ones! Molly compiled an awesome list of her top 4 here in case you need some ideas. 


10. Do anything to keep your mind sharp while you're out of school!

And yes, that might include taking an ACT practice test while lounging on your favorite beach.