Our Software

At LogicPrep we don't just rely on brilliant instructors. We embrace technology to help structure and optimize the Test Prep and College Advising process. We've spent years developing, testing, and fine-tuning our proprietary software and it's made all the difference in helping us to deliver superior results.

So what does our software do? It offers:

Test Prep Reports

With the click of a button parents and guardians receive a monthly progress report that includes feedback from the student's instructors, the student's Test Prep Advisor, and a list of their recent practice tests and homework results. These reports keep everyone looped in on the process and show how the student is progressing towards their target scores. 

Lesson Reports

Every time a lesson occurs, our instructors take detailed notes of exactly what topics were covered and how the lesson went. This information is extremely valuable to the Test Prep Advisor who meticulously reviews these notes to craft strategies and ensure that each student is on their path to success.

Availability Module

Baseball practice times have totally shifted? Rehearsals for the school play have been canceled? 

Yes, scheduling can be a pain. But it doesn't have to be. With our availability module, students and parents can mark exactly when the student is available for lessons. We'll take that data and craft a schedule that works around you.

Personal Profiles

At LogicPrep we're not just interested in raising students' scores. We also want students to develop a real and fun rapport with their instructors. True to this aim, we track students' extracurriculars, academic interests, and colleges of interest so that we can match them with the best teacher for their learning style and personality.


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Our software customizes the Test Prep experience for each one of our students. The software starts by analyzing a practice test for the types of mistakes that a student is prone to making. For example, one student may be a whiz with misplaced modifiers, but struggle with trigonometry problems. After identifying weaknesses in certain topics, the software also analyzes the student's level of mastery. Maybe all of the easiest trig problems are a breeze, and it's just those difficult ones that are tricky. Based on this analysis, the software can reach into its massive database of practice questions and create a custom list of ACT or New SAT questions that are specifically hard trig problems.

The software helps our students to "work smart," not just to work hard.

The software also helps instructors to categorize "careless mistakes" as different from "content based error" or "complex questions." This type of categorization -- and the ability to see what a student's score would have been without careless errors -- encourages students to increase their focus.

The system also allows students to indicate that they guessed on a problem by bubbling in a special column on their testing sheet. So even if they guess accurately, the instructor will still know to review the problem.

Applying to colleges can feel overwhelming, especially when coordinating letters of recommendation, activity lists, interview prep notes, and the multitude of supplementary essays that many schools require. Our software helps students and college advisors oversee the process and to know exactly which parts are complete and which are outstanding.

Our software strategically tracks schools that are designated as:

  • safety;
  • target; and,
  • reach

So that student, parents, and college advisor are on the exact same page when it comes to the student's goals for admission.

Practice Testing

Our software allows students to reserve a spot at one of our many practice test sessions way in advance. And it tracks which practice test sessions students attend -- and which ones they don't! -- and keeps instructors and Test Prep Advisors in the know. 

The software also learns when real test dates are approaching and automatically reminds LogicPrep members of registration deadlines and actual test dates to make sure students remember to rest up and go in with fresh eyes.

The software also manages time extensions for students with accommodations.

Automatic Grading

Perhaps coolest of all is that our software actually grades students' bubble sheets, the same way the ACT or College Board would. This eliminates the possibility of human error and encourages students to bubble exactly as they would come test day.