College Tours: University of North Carolina

Why is this school awesome?

As the flagship state school of North Carolina, the University of North Carolina draws lots of comparisons to Michigan, University of Virginia, and University of Texas in Austin. It has terrific academics, a top notch business school, big time sports culture (ever heard of that Michael Jordan guy?) despite their basketball team consistently losing to a certain school a few miles down the road, and warm weather.

Favorite spot on campus?

The Pit! Right outside of one of the dining halls, it is a prime hangout spot for people to sit outside, enjoy the sun, and catch up .

4 words to describe the campus/location?


The “typical student” is…

Because of the size, you tend to find every type of student here, so everyone is able to find their own niche. You’ve got Greek life, great athletics, a beautiful campus and tons of research opportunities - students tend to be involved in a little bit of everything.

International perspective?

10% of the student body comes from outside the US so students coming from abroad tend to fill more of the class than students coming from other states in the US.

Special programs/offerings applicants should consider?

UNC students can take one class at Duke each semester.

Tips for the application process?

Apply from within North Carolina! 70% of their applications for just 18% of the spots in the class come from out of state. However, if you live outside of North Carolina, you should definitely apply Early since they have non-binding Early Action.

Fun Facts!

Campus tradition dictates that a drink from the Old Well on the first day of classes will bring good luck (or straight A's)!

Why choose the University of North Carolina?

If you like sports and want a larger school with great academics you should consider UNC. You’ve got the best of both worlds by being able to take classes at Duke as well, and have a lot of opportunities because of the size and the location in the Research Triangle Park (the leading and largest high technology research and science park in North America!).