Top 5 ACT Verbal Tips You Need to Know Before Test Day

With the ACT coming up this weekend, we've compiled a list of need-to-know Verbal tips to think about as you're getting ready for test day. 

1. Fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail

The day before the test is not the day to learn anything new. Test preparation is like preparing for a marathon: the work you do 2 months before is more important than the work 2 days before.


2. Read full sentences 

In the midst of the test, you can sometimes begin to get tunnel vision and break the test down into pieces that are too small. Tone and context are important, so if something doesn’t make sense, simply read it again as a full sentence.

3. Keep it simple

When in doubt keep things short and simple. Concise, clear writing is elegant writing. Remember, the ACT hates redundancy, loves clarity, and always tricks students by throwing in extra commas. 


4. Watch the clock

Have the confidence to stop one hard question from derailing your progress on the test. The Verbal section is a full 75 questions! So, if you aren’t 100% sure about one question you need to find a way to keep your momentum going.


5. Trust your gut

At some point you will have to rely on their intuition—that is perfectly okay. The hope is that all the practice you have put into the process has refined your intuition--even somewhat unconsciously.