The Power of Applying Early

Now that college decisions are officially out and students have committed to their schools for next year, our team spent some time weeding through the admissions statistics to uncover some really valuable data: the power of applying Early. 

While many schools are forthcoming about the influence of Early Decision or Restricted Early Action, few colleges actually parse out the statistical difference between the two application rounds.

Our team selected a variety of schools to investigate the power of applying Early -- and ended up uncovering some pretty amazing stuff. At Harvard, for example, the acceptance rate might be 5.2% overall, but it actually drops to 3.4% in the Regular Decision round. So what does that mean for students who apply Early? In that case, the acceptance rate spikes up to 14.87%. 

As we all know, the numbers don't tell the whole story. Stronger students tend to apply Early, as do legacies and athletes, which drives up acceptance rates. But the power of Early is undeniable. 

See for yourself below.