Student Perspectives: Northeastern University

Are you interested in learning about America's top colleges from the perspective of current college students? We'll be visiting our LogicPrep graduates, who are now current college students to get the inside scoop about what makes these universities great and what's completely different than expected. Follow along to learn more!

Jesse and Murilo just visited LogicPrep graduate, Julia. Julia grew up in São Paulo, Brazil and went to a local law school there for a couple of years. She decided she wanted a change and transferred to Northeastern. And she's really loving her experience so far! Take a look at her full interview below. 

What was the hardest part of your transition from São Paulo to Northeastern? 

One thing that was really hard was the amount of homework. In high school, we didn't have a lot of homework, mostly just large projects. Here, every week I have a lot of homework, so I've had to learn how to manage my time.

What was the easiest part about the transition?

Boston is very calm and safe, especially compared to São Paulo. I've loved being able to walk wherever I need to go! In São Paulo I had to be much more cautious.

How are your grades?

They're good!

What is your favorite place to study?

I don't really like to go to the library. I need to study in a busier environment. I really like Curry Center. There's a lot of food options and socializing that goes on there, so I like to go there to study.

How are you adapting to the winters here?

It's hard! It is cold here. For a Paulistano, it's very, very cold.

What are five words to describe Northeastern?


Knowing what you know now about college, what advice would you have given to yourself if you could go back in time?

Before I came here, I was very concerned about my age because I am a bit older than the freshman class (I'm a transfer student). However, I've met a lot of people here that are my age, so I don't know why I was so worried about it. Age is just a number!

Which was harder: your Brazilian high school or Northeastern?

Here at Northeastern, I have a lot of homework and a lot of tests. But in Brazil, certain classes were extremely difficult-- chemistry, physics, etc. Overall, I felt like I had to study more in high school, but I have homework all the time here for all of my courses. I guess I would say Northeastern is more difficult.

What is your major?

I'm majoring in Business and Economics. You can choose to do one or the other, but I chose to do a combined major.

Have you thought about studying abroad?

I am not sure yet. I've thought about doing an international co-op, which means you spend 6 months working outside the US. It's a bit different from a typical study abroad program because you're not just studying and learning, you're actually working and immersed in the business world. I've thought about going back to Brazil for the international co-op, but I think it might make more sense to travel to another country. My parents are also encouraging me to go to another country to learn more about other cultures.

Where is your dream co-op program?

I'm not sure. I went to Japan this past summer, and I really liked it, but the language barrier was really tough, so I think that would be really challenging. Maybe Australia. I went there once on an exchange program, and I loved it there. I've also thought about maybe somewhere in Europe.

What's a fun fact about Northeastern?

There are tunnels for the winter, but no one really knows where they are so no one uses them!


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