SAT & ACT Going Digital?

Last week the College Board announced that it was expanding its digital administration of the SAT for state-testing purposes. But the SAT is not the only one to attempt going paperless; the ACT has already been offering a digital version of the test for three years in the 1,100 districts that require it for state-testing purposes. While there remains some uncertainty about when and if the Saturday college-admissions version of the exam will be offered digitally in the US, it was reported last week that "ACT testing abroad will be all-digital starting in the fall of 2018." That's next fall! 

It's worth noting that the planned debut for digital ACT testing internationally was last fall, so plans have clearly been lagging. That said, international computer-adaptive testing (CAT) is in the works - and could be debuting as early as next year. What this means is that not only will the ACT be offered on a computer abroad, but it will also adjust to each test taker's abilities during the exam. 

As we continue to prepare students in the US and internationally, LogicPrep is already well-positioned to help students conquer this new format with our ACT/SAT question database and online progress tracking, question categorization, and test grading features already well underway. Stay tuned for more updates about the ACT and SAT's digital administrations - and how LogicPrep will remain ahead of the curve to ensure that you do the same.