If I Could Have a Superpower

If I could have a superpower, what would it be? Not an easy question to answer. After all, how do you compare the ability of flying to being able to see through walls or even being able to run faster than Usain Bolt? Making matters worse, superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Deadpool (why not?) seem to be equally cool.

So again, if I could have superpower, what would it be?

Maybe a different approach to answering this question is to go back to the Classics. In ancient Greece, Plato wrote in The Republic: Book II the tale of the ring of Gyges. It describes how, once upon a time, a man found a ring. When he turned it a certain direction, he suddenly became invisible. As a result, this man acted completely unjustly on his own behalf. He knew that acting unfairly was actually a great way to get ahead, and because no one would ever know what he was doing, he could do whatever he wanted. More recently the same idea of becoming invisible appeared in The Hobbit through the One Ring and its superpower of making people invisible.

I confess that becoming invisible has its pros. But sincerely, the idea of wrongdoing, hiding and getting away with it, doesn’t seem appealing at all to me.

I personally take pride in being part of helping people achieve their goals and dreams. So what’s the point of being invisible?

At LogicPrep, I have the unique opportunity to work with very talented instructors and amazing young students. Whenever I have the chance to read an essay written by our students, with the guidance of LP’s team of college advisors, I realize the importance of making good things visible, the value of good storytelling, and how storytelling helps our students to truly share their voice. Knowing their passions through their stories allows us to understand who they really are and what they really believe in. Writing an essay is the opportunity for the student to speak out and stand up; it’s the chance to show the world all the amazing things that are not written on the transcripts.

So now I know what my favorite superpower is: I choose the superpower of visibility!


-Murilo B, Test Prep Advisor