Calling All Grammar Nerds!

There are plenty of apps out there to support the college process. There's just one I believe every single student should have. 

That app is Grammarly.  

Basically, it's a plugin that reviews your emails, social posts - and anything else you write – checking more than 250 grammar rules and offering suggestions. Consider Grammarly your personal proofreader. 
I've learned from Grammarly that I'm a major comma offender. According to my weekly summary, I'm most prone to miss commas in compound sentences. And, well, I might misuse a colon every now and then. (In my defense – my report did tell me that I wrote more words than 97% of users last week.)
No matter our age or experience, we can all become better writers – and it’s amazing to know that an app exists to track and course-correct our grammar as we go. Not only does Grammarly make for better emails, but I’d also like to think it makes for better writers. And any form of technology that can enhance good writing – rather than detract it – is one I fully support.