College Tours with Murilo: Princeton

This week, Murilo (from Team LP Brazil) is traveling all over the East Coast, touring and learning all about some of the best universities from New York to Boston. Follow him here for his insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! 


Murilo's college tour is almost over! He's seen NYUColumbiaNortheasternBentley & Brandeis. Now...

Murilo (and alum, Julia!) visit Princeton 

Murilo playing professor in McCosh 50, the largest lecture hall on campus.


Murilo: Because it's Princeton! And this university offers the ultimate college tour! As you walk on campus, you feel as if you were walking throughout American history. This is one of the few campuses on the country that is older than the nation. There is an American Revolution battlefield down the street. The main building, Nassau Hall, served as the capital of the nation for a time during the war. Albert Einstein taught here, and Alan Turing studied here. 

Our course it's highly competitive, but once you're here, you're part of something that will define you as a person!

Murilo standing at the Fitz-Randolph Gates in front of Nassau Hall, the oldest building on campus. 

Blair Hall, one of the oldest dorms at the university


Murilo: Wow, there are just so many! I loved the Cathedral, but I’ll have to say my absolute favorite place on campus is the classroom where Albert Einstein taught—some of his machinery is still in there! Even the classrooms are museums.
Julia: There is a secret garden hidden between the Chapel and Firestone Library, the largest library on campus, where I used to love to go and read on sunny days.

The Princeton Chapel, The Princeton University Art Museum (houses works by Warhol, Judd, Monet, and more!), a classroom where Albert Einstein used to teach!  

Julia's favorite spot on campus. She says she spent many afternoons reading on this bench in the secret garden behind the chapel! 


Julia: Only one word needed: BEAUTIFUL! I think Princeton is the most beautiful college campus in the country! But I'm biased.

Murilo basically lost his mind over how cool Rockefeller Residential College is!

Prospect Garden, which was once President Woodrow Wilson's backyard.


Murilo: The students here are very diverse, but all students share one thing in common: they're very smart!
Julia: The students here are passionate, engaged, and self-starters.

Julia in front of her Freshman and Sophomore year dorm in Whitman Residential College!

Murilo, attempting to be a typical student, experiencing the "Whitman Whisper."


Murilo: International students make up a large portion of the student body. Students mingle in a variety of ways, including Eating Clubs. These clubs offer students a unique opportunity to network and be a part of a full college experience in a microcosm of campus.
Julia: My best friends were from all over the world -- London, Paris, Lima, Mexico City, Moscow and Lagos just to name a few!

Murilo in front of The Ivy Club, Julia's eating club.


Murilo: Where do I begin?! Aerospace Engineering, Art History, Astronomy, Anthropology – and that’s just the departments that start with the letter A! Also check out the Woodrow Wilson School for Public Policy, the Engineering school, the departments related to math/hard sciences, and the Dance/theater departments (which are very strong due to proximity to NYC).

Man vs. Rabbit: Murilo has a face-off with an Ai Wei Wei sculpture in front of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.


Murilo: Be the best student you can be because Princeton admittance is more than being an amazing test taker and having the best transcript one can have. It’s so selective to get in, and there is no secret formula to be admitted. You have to do something that is truly genuine and legitimate in the sense that it is yours. You need to offer something that no one else can offer. Princeton is looking for students who offer high impact to the school where they study, the neighborhood they live in, and the community they are a part of. Sincere quotes written by a teacher or guidance counselor stating that you are one of the best students of the class goes a long way.
Princeton wants the top 5% of the class. And they're looking for a TOEFL score of 113+ from international students.

Murilo in in McCosh 50, the largest lecture hall on campus


Murilo: Now I know why LogicPrep loves orange! Just kidding. One fun fact, though, is that you can see people playing golf with tennis balls EVERYWHERE! 
Julia: The main administrative building on campus, Nassau Hall, served as the capital of the United States for a few months during the American Revolution.

Murilo thought these guys walking around campus playing golf were hilarious.

Be sure to follow Murilo when he visits Boston College!