College Tours with Murilo: Brandeis

This week, Murilo (from Team LP Brazil) is traveling all over the East Coast, touring and learning all about some of the best universities from New York to Boston. Follow him here for his insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! 


He's seen NYU, Columbia, Northeastern, Bentley. Today...

Murilo visits Brandeis

Why is this school awesome?

Murilo: The number one reason? They served cookies at the end of the tour! 

Brandeis Science department was founded by Albert Einstein himself! Also, the musical "West Side Story" was composed at Brandeis by professor and artist Leonard Bernstein.

On a more academic note, Brandeis is a top-tier research university combined with a liberal arts college approach. Students are offered a flexible curriculum with a balance between business, psychology, arts and science.

The people that live and study at Brandeis are the best! At Brandeis, you are somebody and not just a number. Community service is a really big part of Brandeis and they have the second-best college debate team in the country

Favorite spot on campus?

Murilo: The Brandeis castle, which is housing for sophomore year students. Awesome!

Brandeis castle

5 words to describe campus



The "typical student" is...

Murilo: Happy, smart and has diverse interests (music, science, business...)!

Maharissa, our excellent tour guide!

Maharissa, our excellent tour guide!

International perspective?

Murilo: There are interesting opportunities for international students! Currently, 40-50% of the student body is Jewish, but Brandeis is looking towards expanding its diversity. Also, 1/3 of third year students study abroad!

Pictured above are The Brandeis Chapel, which are 3 buildings representing Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism. The chapels are designed so that none casts its shadow on another!

Special programs/offerings applicants should consider?

Murilo: Business, psychology and biology. And of course, study abroad (as mentioned above)!


Tips for the application process?

Murilo: Demonstrated interest definitely counts, so pay them a visit before applying! Strong ACT scores, good grades and upper-level high school courses count a lot, but applicants are also expected to have broader interests such as music, arts, community service, etc.

The Shapiro Campus Center-- open to students 24/7.

Fun facts?

Murilo: Originally, the university was to be named after Einstein (Einstein University), but Einstein declined. It ended up being named after Louis Brandeis, American lawyer and associate justice on the supreme court the US.

Cookies after the tour. Murilo would go back just for those!

Next on the list... Princeton!