College Tours: Duke University

One of our interns is Duke-bound in the fall and shared with us some of her thoughts on the university!


Duke University

Why is this school awesome?

From location to opportunity to campus culture, Duke seems to have it all. Located in the quirky, small city of Durham, North Carolina, Duke possesses a certain laid-back, Southern charm while still fostering the growth and curiosity experienced in a metropolitan area. Durham, along with the state capital, Raleigh, and the nearby town of Chapel Hill, anchors The Research Triangle-- lending an incredible focus on research and innovation to the entire university. In addition to research opportunity, Duke cultivates a culture of service and global awareness by funding student travel through its program DukeEngage sponsored in dozens of countries around the world. As if that weren't enough, Duke gets a gold star for spirit, too. Home to the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions, Duke's campus is perpetually ablaze with students displaying their Blue Devil pride. In fact, you can't walk a few feet without bumping into a student donning their Duke apparel.

5 words to describe campus?

GOTHIC, (check out the architecture of the Duke Chapel, a focal point of West Campus), VIBRANT, SPRAWLING, LUSH (when on campus, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens are a must-see!), CONNECTED.

The "typical student" is...

Lively and community-oriented; driven and seeks out opportunity to explore and develop meaning and passion.

International perspective?

With the aforementioned DukeEngage program, a myriad of study abroad opportunities, a medical school campus in Singapore, and another campus in Suzhou, China, Duke is no stranger to global engagement. In addition to encouraging experiences abroad, Duke cultivates diversity on campus as well-- 14.5% of the Class of 2019 hails from foreign nations and Duke has a three-semester foreign language studies requirement.

Tips for the application process?

One of Duke's two supplements to the Common Application is listed as optional. Don't skimp on your application by omitting a response to this prompt. Instead, use this as an additional platform to tell your story, especially since the required supplement has a response limit of only 150 words!

Fun facts?

The Duke Lemur Center is home to the world's largest and most diverse population of lemurs outside of their native Madagascar.

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