College Tours: Amherst College

This summer, Eli & Murilo are taking time to tour your favorite colleges. Follow along for their insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! 


Why is this school awesome?

Similar to Williams (both schools are always mentioned in the same breath), the entire focus is on you as an undergraduate. Located in a medium-sized area, it is also surrounded by four other colleges that give students the resources of a much larger school while still in a small setting.


Favorite spot on campus?

Memorial Hill. There is a stone with the names of the alumni who lost their lives fighting in WWI and II overlooking Memorial Field and the Holyoke Range with the mountains in the background. 


5 words to describe the campus/location?

New England, brick, bucolic, green, & vibrant.

Statue of Robert Frost on campus

Statue of Robert Frost on campus

The “typical student” is... 

Competitive, athletic, preppy, driven and diverse.


Special programs/offerings applicants should consider?

Amherst is part of the 5 College Consortium where students are able to take classes at any of the following schools in the area: Smith, Mount Holyoke, U Mass Amherst, and Hampshire. Similar to the Claremont schools, this gives students access to a larger population of students and classes but within their smaller setting of Amherst’s campus. Amherst is also one of the few need-blind colleges for international students.

Inside one of the dorm halls

Inside one of the dorm halls

Tips for the application process?

Similar to Williams (just don’t mention that W name around Amherst’s campus), they are accepting the same students as a lot of the Ivys so be sure to challenge yourself academically and put your best foot forward on the application. They aren’t taking nearly as many students as some other schools in Early Decision so while you will still get a boost there in terms of your application chances, it won’t be quite as significant as some other places.


Fun Fact?

Start working on your choreography because there is a lip sync battle each year where the winner gets to take the top spot in room draw!

A dorm room at Amherst

A dorm room at Amherst

Why choose Amherst?

You want an academically challenging education, focused on you as an undergraduate, at one of the best schools in the country. You have the resources of a much larger school already on campus, then surrounding it with thousands of other students at nearby schools gives it the feeling of a much larger place - the best of both worlds.