College Tour: Williams College

This summer, Eli & Murilo are taking time to tour your favorite colleges. Follow along for their insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! 

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Why is this school awesome?

The focus is completely about you as an undergraduate student. You are taught by some of the best professors in the country (not TAs!) who aren’t distracted with research or graduate students. Located on a picturesque yet modern campus in Massachusetts, it doesn’t look more like a college campus than this.

Favorite spot on campus:

The art museum - they have an unbelievable collection of artwork spanning a wide variety of types of art.

4 words to describe the campus/location:

Very small town, quaint, Massachusetts, green

The “typical student” is:

Driven, self-assured, creative, artistic, & ambitious.

Eli poses in the common area

Eli poses in the common area

International perspective:

Only 8% of students are from outside the US, the lack of nearby airports make it difficult to get to from far away, and the tiny area of Williamstown can be a surprise. For International Students, you really need to love the place to make the trip each time, but the good news is there is a lot to love about Williams.

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Special programs/offerings applicants should consider:

Williams offers a special “Tutorial” class, something that only Oxford does as well. Students are put in pairs by a professor and respond to each other's critiques of a series of readings. It prepares students to thoughtfully think and respond on the spot, and students are graded as pairs - not how one does picking apart their partner’s arguments.

Tips for the application process:

Challenge yourself academically. They’re accepting the same students as Harvard/Yale/Princeton. Over 90% of their class is in the top 10% of their graduating class so make sure to push yourself in the classroom and tell a compelling story on your application!

Fun Facts:

Every October, they have a tradition called Mountain Day. During this surprise day, which the president of the school will announce at random, all academic-related things are canceled and the entire student body heads outside to enjoy the day!

Freshman dorms

Freshman dorms

Why choose Williams?

This is the gold standard for liberal arts schools. They’ll push you to explore areas outside of your comfort zone, opening up new ideas and paths that you never thought of before. Being in a small town puts the emphasis on what is happening on campus - even more of a reflection of the focus on you as an undergraduate student! Plus, the colors are pretty cool too.