College Tour: University of Cambridge

We're going international! Last week, Jesse joined Sean, a former LP student (and employee!) and current student at Yale, on college tours in England. Sean is a Masters candidate and is looking to study Criminology. Their first stop was Cambridge! The campus was beautiful and the experience was unforgettable. Read why the University of Cambridge is an excellent school below!

Why is this school awesome? 

The University of Cambridge is located in a small town in the countryside. The stark contrast of ancient buildings and raw natural beauty make it an ideal setting to dig deep into academics.

Favorite spot on campus?

Anywhere along the River Cam. You can rent boats to go "punting" (a fancy name for pushing the boat along with a stick) and enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside.

5 words to describe the campus/location:


The "typical student" is...

Cambridge students have a "work hard, play hard" attitude. The atmosphere of the university makes a great home for students who want to delve into their subjects and form close bonds with their classmates.

International perspective? 

Cambridge is home to a large number of international students and professors from around Europe. It is an ideal place for students who want to "get away" from the big city and enjoy the charm of the British countryside.

Special programs or offerings applicants should consider?

Applicants to Cambridge should consider the plethora of intramural sports, as they are a great way to make friends within your college and meet students from others.

Tips for the application process?

Students applying to Cambridge should carefully consider which college they apply to, as each has its own highly unique set of traditions and culture.

Fun Facts? 

Watson and Crick announced the discovery of DNA at Cambridge. Also, Borat's Sasha Cohen is an alumnus of the university.

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