College Tour: UC Berkeley

We've been here before, but we just couldn't get enough! Murilo recently visited UC Berkeley and is giving his perspective to the same questions Lindsay answered. One impression remains the same, though: UC Berkeley is a fantastic university. Read what Murilo thinks below!

Murilo takes a stroll down Telegraph Avenue, which is next to Berkeley

Why is this school awesome?

Murilo: There are a lot of reasons why this school is awesome, but here are my top three reasons:

  1. UC Berkeley was the home for the Free Speech Movement in 1964-65 and has a very much empowered and active student body.

  2. The engineering, business and computer science programs are extremely competitive and very desirable, so this school is awesome if you're looking into majoring in these areas.

  3. The College of Letters and Science is the largest of the 14 colleges and offers "Big Ideas" courses where students and professors from complimentary disciplines and completely different fields are able to be intellectually engage on a single topic in the same classroom.

Favorite spot on campus?

Murilo: Valley Life Sciences Building!

Valley Life Sciences Building- how could you not love this building?

Five words to describe campus?


Beautiful and iconic Sather Tower

The "typical" student is...

Murilo: Passionate, very smart, diverse, politically engaged, open about their opinions.

Berkeley is definitely both musical and artistic

International perspective?

Murilo: There seems to be a very diverse international community. In fact, it is a top global university, ranking #3 in International Business (US News and World Report 2017). 10% of the student body is international!

Tips for the application process?

Murilo: Selection is based on holistic review of all information. This means that everything counts: grades, ACT/SAT scores, extracurricular activities, portfolios and your personal narrative.
One thing to note for anyone interested in business: Undergrad students apply to Haas Business Program as a second year decision. First year they apply to the College of Letters and Science. Approximately 40% of the candidates get in to this college.

Free speech monument

Special programs to consider?

Murilo: As mentioned previously, the engineering, business and computer science (EECS) programs are top programs.

Fun Facts?

Murilo: Berkeley offers free parking spaces for Nobel laureates!

Sather Gate


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