College Tour: Dartmouth College

This summer, Eli & Murilo are taking time to tour your favorite colleges. Follow along for their insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! 

Why is this school awesome?

Dartmouth has it all. Located in scenic New Hampshire, the school is surrounded by stunning mountains (and their own ski area) along with the small town of Hanover. Students have access to tremendous amounts of opportunities to go hiking, camping, and skiing - in fact a good amount of the social life incorporates those adventures. On campus, there are no shortage of opportunities. Although named Dartmouth College, they do have four graduate schools on campus, giving students outlets and resources to pursue research and higher level studies right away. The school has beautiful facilities and students are assigned to one house that they live in all four years (don’t worry, there are multiple buildings per house). For a school that encourages you to explore the nature around you while providing top notch academics, take a look at Dartmouth.


Favorite spot on campus?

Baker-Berry Library

Inside of the libary

4 words to describe the campus/location? 

Scenic, historic, cold and so pretty!


The “typical student” is:

Outdoorsy, preppy, driven, laid back and smart

oInternational perspective?

They’ve recently placed more of an emphasis on recruiting and supporting students from Latin America, Brazil especially. If you are Brazilian (or Latin American) and thinking of Dartmouth, now is the time to apply.


Special programs/offerings applicants should consider?

The academic year is set up on four 10 week sections, roughly following the seasons, called the D plan. This allows students to travel and do internships during points in the year where there is less competition for those opportunities.


Tips for the application process?

Dartmouth will reach out to students for alumni interviews (ie: students can't schedule or request interviews on their own). If you aren’t able to make it to campus, we recommend taking them up on the opportunity to do an alumni interview. Unlike a number of elite schools, this is looked at by the admissions officer here and can help your application.

Fun Fact? 

Alums are able to come back and audit classes whenever they would like!


Why choose Dartmouth?

If you’re a talented student that loves the outdoors, Dartmouth is the perfect place for you! Lots of academic flexibility with the D plan, a very strong sense of community that is fostered by their housing system, and ⅔ of students participating in Greek life makes Dartmouth an incredibly spirited and enthusiastic place.