College Admissions Process is a Team Sport

While all instruction at LogicPrep is 1-on-1, behind the scenes, preparing for the college admissions process is a team sport. This is actually one of my favorite aspects of teaching at LP; collaboration is an essential component of the LogicPrep method. Not only do instructors share tips and review students’ progress during the commute together (I promise we only say good things!), but we also hold weekly check-ins where we discuss all of the students on our rosters. These sessions allow each of our instructors to confer and collaborate with each other and with their students’ advisors. 

Just like on any team, each member has something unique to add—whether that is the quant-heavy “money ball” approach of some of our STEM-leaning instructors, the close reading of subtext our literary-minded colleagues, or the insight into the emotional quotient of the test taking experience (one of our advisors is a licensed psychologist!). Furthermore, after students receive results on their real tests, we hold team-wide meetings to debrief and develop personalized, actionable study plans. 

In essence, we have inverted the structure of the traditional classroom setting. Instead of having one teacher address the needs of multiple students, we have multiple teachers address the needs of each unique learner.