Roger has been part of the LogicPrep team since 2006 and is skilled at making even the most arcane topics accessible to his students. Prior to joining LogicPrep full-time, Roger worked as an environmental engineer, cleaning up contaminated industrial properties and managing federal environmental projects. He also taught at an outdoor adventure company in New Jersey and lived in Winter Park, Colorado, where he was a ski instructor. Though Roger has been known to read quantum physics books for fun, he has an ability to make mundane topics interesting and understandable to even the most hesitant math and science students.


Boston University, BS in Earth Science with a focus in Physics


  • ACT / SAT Math, ACT Science

  • SAT Subject Tests Chemistry, Math Levels I & II, Physics


  • School Support Chemistry, Math through PreCalc, AP Calculus, AP Physics, Organizational Skills

  • GRE Math

When I'm not teaching you can find me skiing

Favorite book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Hidden talent Lego engineer

Favorite nerd Richard Feynman