Jeremy graduated from the University of Rochester in 2014 and has spent the time since working, traveling, and pursuing personal passion projects. He has been to five of the seven continents and loves to experience and explore other cultures. Recently, he earned a TEFL certification while studying abroad in Santiago, Chile and is now pursuing a data analysis degree. Having worked as a vet assistant, dog caretaker at a rescue, IT professional, and prep chef, he is extremely excited to be a part of the LogicPrep team and help students to achieve their goals. In his free time, Jeremy practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu and volunteers as a dog-walker at a nearby rescue.


University of Rochester, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


(914) 273-3280

Hidden Talent: Baking

Senior Superlative: Most likely to be a New York Jet

Dog Breed Alter Ego: St. Bernard