director OF academic OPERATIONs • Instructor

Through her experience developing LogicPrep's curriculum and team in both New York and Brazil, Gretchen identifies as part-New-Yorker, part-carioca. She's been working for LP ever since she graduated from Princeton University, where she studied Molecular Biology and Dance, and moved to New York City to dance professionally. When, after a few years of pursuing contemporary dance, she felt like she was ready for a change, Gretchen had the opportunity to fully immerse herself in the world of international education. In the process, she fell in love with the culture and language of Brazil.

Gretchen loves teaching -- particularly chemistry -- and she gets especially excited to help her students reach the “Aha!” moments that occur when initially puzzling or daunting concepts finally click. As Director of Academic Operations, she's also responsible for hiring and training LogicPrep's instructors, and she loves to facilitate collaborative conversations to share best practices and expand everyone's range of approaches. Gretchen also volunteers her time tutoring ACT/SAT lessons to underserved students through The Jesse Kolber Foundation scholar program. When she's not at LogicPrep, Gretchen can be found practicing yoga, listening to WNYC, taking dance class, or reading in Carl Schurz park with her pet bunny, Xavier (pronounce "sha-vee-air").


Princeton, BA in Molecular Biology and a minor in Dance

Hidden Talent: assembling IKEA furniture (it’s harder than it looks!), earning me the title of “Apartment Handywoman”

Favorite Nerd: Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory

Dog Breed Alter Ego: Golden Retriever


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