Grace holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Princeton and an Ed.M from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. While in grad school, an opportune practicum led her to join the world of college counseling at a charter school in Somerville, MA. From there, she ventured to Palo Alto, where she served as an admission officer at Stanford focusing on undergraduate applications from Southern California, New Jersey, and New York.

Grace joins the LogicPrep college advising team from Google, where she works as a university programs specialist managing technical outreach at several East Coast universities. In addition to bringing her to a variety of college campuses, this role has given Grace a deep understanding of the recruiting process – and what it means to tell your story effectively. She also volunteers her time consulting underserved students through The Jesse Kolber Foundation scholar program. When she's not traveling or coaching students, Grace can be found exploring her new Brooklyn neighborhood, complaining about running while running, or eating a whole roll of TJ's speculoos cookies.


Ed.M, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Princeton University, BA in Psychology

Favorite Book anything by Jonathan Safran Foer, David Sedaris, or Roald Dahl

Hidden Talent eating an entire watermelon in one sitting

Favorite Nerd Carlton Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)


College Prep

College Consulting