Fausto has a BA in Public Policy Studies and certificates in Journalism and Media from Duke University. As a college student, Fausto spent a lot of time outside of the classroom exploring his artistic passions through singing and dancing. His love for language learning led him to study Portuguese during a summer in Brazil. After graduating, Fausto worked at Duke’s Office of Undergraduate Education managing programs that connected students to faculty and that pushed them to explore their identities and intellectual interests. Through this work, Fausto learned the importance of personalized advice, mentorship, and empathy to achieve student success. These are qualities Fausto brings to his lessons at LogicPrep. He particularly loves translating complex information into easy-to-understand analogies and encouraging students to use their creativity for problem-solving. He believes these approaches create a more dynamic and enjoyable learning experience.

In his free time, Fausto enjoys beach walks, singing and dancing, reading, listening to NPR, and watching Netflix. He also volunteers his time tutoring ACT/SAT lessons to underserved students through The Jesse Kolber Foundation scholar program.


Duke University BA in Public Policy, certificates in Markets and Management & Journalism

Favorite Book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Dog Breed Alter Ego Siberian Husky

Favorite Nerd Betty La Fea


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