At LogicPrep, we understand that getting into a good college isn’t the same as excelling in college. Learning to write high-level papers is a rite of passage that all students -- even the best -- must undergo.

Essays and research papers are a huge part of the college experience. If you don’t want to fear writing papers for your entire academic career, the best time to learn is now. Writing is a lifelong journey; but it begins with the help of experienced wordsmiths who can train you to craft your own ideas and to express them with clarity and elegance.

Our writing instructors have graduated with honors from the best colleges in the country. They remember what it’s like to be a freshman going through the fire, and they have years of experience helping students to find their own voice and to think more deeply than ever before. Not only will our instructors help develop ideas and provide constructive feedback, but they’ll demystify the writing process for future independent mastery of expository writing.

Support includes topics such as:

  • research skills
  • crafting a compelling thesis
  • proper citations
  • formatting
  • writing as revision
  • time management
  • organizational skills