You Need These 3 Apps

I’m somewhat minimalist when it comes to my iPhone’s layout. I keep almost all of my apps in a single app folder with most of their notifications turned off, and access them my using the search bar. This keeps me from checking Facebook and Snapchat every 3 minutes and just feels cleaner to me. There are a few that I keep on the home screen though mainly because I use them so often. Without further ado, here are my favorite apps:



Forming new habits can be difficult and it can be challenging to keep yourself accountable especially in the early days of habit formation. I use this app as a reminder system for various new habits I’m trying to form or bad habits I’m trying to kick. For example, I’m trying to get back into urban dance choreography and hip-hop so I use this app to track my times in the dance studio; I’m currently on a 34-day streak. Sure, you can use a calendar or notebook as a tracker, but this is nice because I always have my phone with me and there’s even a small forum shared by others tracking similar habits which serve as further motivation.



This is an awesome language learning app, particularly for helping with your reading and writing. Nothing truly substitutes for actually traveling to a place where they speak the language and immersing yourself, but I’ve found that Duolingo turns language learning into more of a game for me rather than a chore, which keeps me consistently using the app. You either start a language from scratch using their guide from day 1 or take a test that assesses your current skill level and accelerates you in the program. They just released Japanese and I’m super excited to pick up from where I left off in college!


Stronglifts 5x5

This app is great for anyone thinking about including weightlifting in their exercise regimen. It focuses on 5 core lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and bent over row. The website has incredibly detailed explanations about the different lifts and how to perform each with proper form to keep you injury free, and the app has videos on how to perform the lifts as well. The app functions as a workout tracker, tracking what you lifted each session and tells you what you should lift the next workout. You can view all of this information in graphical form too so you can monitor your progress. There’s a weight plate calculator so you know how much to add to each side of the bar, and a warm-up routine included for each lift based on how much weight you’re currently lifting. If you miss consecutive workouts for any reason the app tracks this and will suggest lighter weights for your next workout so that you don’t hurt yourself. The only downside to the Stronglifts routine is that proper weights and equipment is a must so you have to find a gym that has these things.


-Henry M, Instructor