What Are You Listening To? Podcast Recommendations from Molly

After Lindsay’s post about the books on her nightstand, I thought I would give you a view of my podcast queue. Podcasts have been around for a while, but have really taken off in the last few years, especially with the success of Serial last year. I’m a long-time fan of NPR’s This American Life and Radiolab and after taking a course in college on radio documentary, I started listening to many other podcasts. Below are some of my favorites for you to enjoy as well!

The Mystery Show

Starlee Kine, who has been featured on This American Life, solves inconsequential, and sometimes quite silly, mysteries. She answers important questions like “How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal?” (5’11”) and “Why is does someone have an ‘ILUV911’ license plate?” I think anyone would be charmed by Kine’s earnest reporting and her light-hearted tone.


Former Planet Money host Alex Blumberg guides the listener through the launch of his new start-up podcasting company, Gimlet Media, covering topics like finding a partner, pitching to investors, and hiring and firing employees. It’s a great peek into what goes into building a business.


Megan Tan graduated from college and decided that she wanted to be a radio producer. The first season of Millennial follows her through the process of looking for a job. Like StartUp, it is often a podcast about making a podcast. It’s not as polished as many other programs, but that’s part of its charm because she’s figuring out how to produce audio pieces while she’s figuring out post-grad life.

Another Round

Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton bring in guests each week to discuss pop culture, race, politics, and the scourge of squirrels. Former guests include Lin Manuel-Miranda, creator of Hamilton, Melissa Harris-Perry, former host on MSNBC, Queen Latifah, and Hillary Clinton. Heben and Tracy always strike a good balance between serious topics and funny commentary. 

Happy listening!

-Molly P