The Perfectly Planned Day

Ok, so along with loving music and theater and the Supreme Court, I get a big kick out of (don't laugh) (at least not yet) to-do lists. I know -- super-nerdy. The super-nerdiest. But I have always thrilled to the idea of the Perfectly Planned Day, where every minute is maximized to within an inch of its life, I squeeze every last ounce of productivity out of my waking hours, and I fall into bed with a contented sigh, having finished a new play, written two songs, paid my taxes three months early, and solved that world hunger problem. Surprisingly, this day has never actually happened, but I feel like I’ve gotten a little closer to it with my favorite app: it’s called (still don’t laugh) Toodledo. (Okay, now you can laugh.)

It goes like this: I write down something I have to do. I fill in important details (which I get to define): How long will it probably take? When is it due? What goal does it move me toward? Where do I need to be to accomplish it -- work? home? Disneyworld? Then every morning I open the app, and there's my to-do list, telling me what I need to do and in what order.

But don't worry -- it gets better from there! (Can you imagine??) I can keep track of how many hours I’ve already spent on a project. I can forward an email from my inbox, add a few instructions to the subject line, and the app drops it into my task list, all prioritized and everything. I can set reminder alarms on my phone that come up when I’m near the place I need to be (hello Disneyworld!). I can customize it in all kinds of ways that I won't go into here because you're already fearing for my emotional health, but the point is: if I'd had Toodledo in high school, I would have rocked my schedule. So much less stress about when I’m going to finish that essay, how much longer I need to study, whether I should finish the Spanish project or the chem lab write-up first. I might even have fixed the world hunger thing by now. You know, maybe.


-Adam O