The One Thing You Can't Live Without in College

After the first two weeks of my college experience, I came to realize that schoolwork continued to pile up. In high school, it was clear what assignment to focus on and when to complete a certain task. However, at the beginning of college, I felt an everyday rush for getting work done. Day after day, I had different assignments due from different classes with an abundance of work. In high school, it was easy for me to focus on small assignments expected the next day, but in college, I struggled with meeting my deadlines. High school teachers are constantly reminding students of what and when assignments are due, unlike in college where professors expect students to remember deadlines and turn their assignments in by the due date. Although college assignments are more spread out, there are more to complete. 

Before college, I wish I could have been aware of the importance of keeping a planner. Through time I learned that planners are very helpful in keeping schoolwork deadlines organized. Keeping a planner also helped me have an overview of my month and prepare for upcoming assignments and events to attend. Having a better, more organized grasp of my work it became easier to plan, complete, and perform better. So for all you students heading off to college in the coming months, I suggest a planner be at the top of your school supply list!


-Lisseth, Proctor